The very popular ‘WILD SWARM’ will hold a tournament!!


This is the announcement of the tournament for the maximum total win amount per spin with Casino Secret.

The target model of this tournament is ‘WILD SWARM’.

Let’s aim for the maximum total win with the slot ‘WILD SWARM’ which is very popular among Japanese players. The prize money will be distributed from the 2,000 dollar prize pool to the 20 people who entered the ranking ♪

Of course, the prize money will be given in cash, and there is no condition for withdrawal!

*[Limited to Japan] Aim for the maximum bed amount!
Target model: Slot ‘WILD SWARM’
Bounty pool: $2,000
Tournament Type: Aim for Maximum Bet Amount
Minimum Bet Amount: $0.4
Maximum bed: $12
Period: July 18 (Thursday) 18:00 to July 31 (Wednesday) 23:59
How to participate: Click the ‘join’ button from the tournament page.

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