The slot introduction of this week’s masterpiece is ‘Trump It Deluxe’!

Trump It Deluxe

*presidential material

This is the “Trump it Deluxe (Trump It Deluxe)” that I would like to introduce to you.

The hero is U.S. President Trump, who has no shortage of topics.

Even Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appear in the image of a bear straddling the Internet.

Casino Secret has slots for a variety of themes, but I never thought there was a slot for the president.

Just the other day, the Group of 20, or Group of 20, was held in Osaka, and Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin also visited Japan. If you play this slot, you’ll be in a G 20 mood (? ).

But according to slot geeks, the reason they recommend this game isn’t just because it looks like a joke, but also because it’s a slot with the dream of “15 Cent Jackpot”.

There is a possibility that you can aim for a million for less than 20 yen, so definitely try it!

<Slot Information>

RTP: 96.89% (4.5%, Jackpot + 91.7%)
Layout: 5×3
Paylines: 30

*Now you can aim for jackpots over 8 million yen!

As for “Trump it Deluxe” which I introduced this time, I would like you to search from the top page of Casino Secret. You can play in the free mode, so please feel free to try it!

Oh, but if you want to target jackpots, you have to deposit money!

If you want to use Casino Secret to target a jackpot with Trump It Deluxe, you can do it here!

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