Speed roulette is a roulette game that requires a short amount of time to bet because it takes about 1 game “23 seconds” to spin a roulette, whereas a regular roulette takes about 1 game “45 seconds”. It is a casino game recommended for advanced roulette players because it develops quickly.

[The speed roulette is a European roulette]

There are many different types of roulets, but for speed roulets, “European Roulette” is applied.

European roulette, also known as “single zero” has a low house edge of about “2.7%” giving players an advantage over American roulette, also known as “double zero”.

Real casinos in Las Vegas and Macau place American roulette first, so it’s hard to find roulette with European roulette, but European roulette is more mainstream in online casinos.

[What is European Roulette?]

In European roulette, the table and wheel numbers are the sum of “0 to 36.” “37 pieces”.

American Roulette, by the way, adds the number “00” to the number “0 to 36.”

Therefore, American roulette is a lucrative roulette on the casino side, and European roulette is rarely installed in American casinos.

The reason why we don’t install European Roulette is because, as I mentioned a little at the beginning, “House edge is low.”.

For example, suppose you want to bet on a color (Red, Black.). If the probability of hitting the mark is “18 ÷ 37 × 100 = 48.6%” and you bet $1, you receive a dividend of “$1 x (37 divided by 18) = $2.055”.

The odds of coloring is “2x.”, so if you bet $1, you will receive a dividend of $2, so “$2.055 – $2 = $0.055” is the house edge of the casino.

That is, the house edge of the European roulette is “100 − (2 divided by 2.055 × 100) = 2.67%.”.

If you use this calculation method to calculate the house edge of American roulette, you get “5.26%” and the players are likely to win the European roulette.

That’s why casinos don’t install European roulette because they make less money.

[European roulette odds]

The odds for European roulette are 36 for straight up, 18 for split bed, 12 for street bed, 9 for corner bed, 8 for number bed, 6 for double street bed, 3 for dazdun bed, 3 for column bed, and 2 for color odd even high and low.


European roulette is a roulette that is easier to win than American roulette, and Speed roulette is a roulette that is easier to win because it uses European roulette.

The development is fast, so there are some parts that roulette beginners can’t catch up with, but it is very fast and interesting roulette.

If you want to play speed roulette, click here.

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