Fortunium is an explosive online slot that promises great rewards!

Known as an explosive online slot, “Fortunium” is distributed on several online casino sites and is a popular casino game attracting attention from people all over the world.

It has a good reputation among Japanese players, and many people enjoy playing at various times to get rich at one stroke.

The Fortunium has a 40 line slot, and the main 2 characters are Victoria (Female) and Maximilian (Male), and the middle characters are a treasure chest, an airship, a gun, etc., and the low portion is 4 types of suit, so it is easy to understand because there are relatively few types of patterns.

Since there are 40 lines, only the dividend from reel 1 to the right is valid.

The game has a WIN BOOSTER (Win Booster), which is actually the key to making a lot of money, and it has features that are unique to Fortunium.

By the way, this game goes into free spin mode when more than 3 scatter pictures stop somewhere on the reel, so you get 10 free spins, so you can get a big reward here.

During free spin, always 1? 5 Reels You can enjoy the free spin mode at a great price because some reels stop with the mystery pattern, which makes it easier to get high dividends, and if the scatterer stops at any one of the reels, you get a free spin + 1 as a bonus.

If a mystery or wild picture stops at the right time, you can win a Super Big Win, so you can expect a big reward when you enter the free spin mode.

This explosive power is also available in other online slots, but the odds of winning a high dividend are as good in this online slot as they are for beginners to advanced users.

It’s an online slot made by well-known microgaming, so it meets the expectations and requests of fans.

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