Casino Secret First Cash Cashback

What is Casino Secret Initial Cash Back?

If you start playing with your first payment and unfortunately don’t have a prize, Casino Secret will refund half of your first payment in cash. It’s cash, so you can use it for a real money game or withdraw money.

Key Cashback Conditions

There is no requirement to cache casino secrets. You can receive cash that you can withdraw as it is.

bonus other than cashback or the first cashback

Casino Secret has instant cash back other than the initial cash back. Say “Instant Cashback” and it will be automatically acquired when you play the game after the 2nd payment. Instant Cashback is a cashback that occurs for all games that have not been won and is immediately presented as cash with no payment terms or expiration dates.

Casino Secret also sometimes offers bonuses limited to Japanese players. Bonuses can be as many as you want, such as a bonus to pay, a bonus to try a new game, or a bonus to play a target game. These bonuses are announced on the official website and by email, so be sure to receive email from Casino Secret.

Cashback amount of initial deposit received

Casino Secret offers cashback for initial deposits up to “$70”.
Casino Secret’s first deposit cashback is added to your balance as cash in case you can’t win after your first deposit (The balance will be zero without subtracting money.), up to 50% of your deposit, up to a limit of $70.
For example, if you deposit $50 into your first deposit but you do not win, a cashback of $25 is added to your balance. If you deposit $140 for the initial deposit, a $70 cashback will be added to your balance if you do not win. This cash back is given as cash, so you can use it for actual money game or withdrawal. It is also displayed in cash, so there is no expiration date.

How to Get Initial Receipt Cashback

It’s very easy. All you need to do is pay an initial fee for Casino Secret and play your favorite game. If you cannot win, half of the initial cost will be refunded.
Please refer to this page for how to deposit and withdraw money.

Step-by-Step Details for Receiving the First Receipt Cashback

Compliance with bed limits
You must observe the wager limit to receive your first cashback. With 1 play, you can bet on slot games for up to $5 and various table and live games for up to $25. Please note that there will be no initial cash back if you bet more than this limit once.

(1) Win after initial deposit
The winning money can go to bed or withdraw money. No cash back.

(2) Failure to win after initial deposit
After the initial deposit, if you continue playing at the above bet limit and the balance drops to zero without withdrawing the money, the cash back of the initial deposit will be immediately reflected in the balance. The cash back will be shown as cash and you can continue to play or pay for it without payment terms. It is cash, so there is no expiration date.

Note that you must observe the wager limit to get an initial cash back.
Again, it’s important to note that in order to receive the first cash back from Mr. Kajino, you have to defend a maximum bet of $5 per play in slot games and $25 in various table and live games. Please note that there will be no initial cash back if you exceed this limit even once.
If you are concerned about not knowing how to receive your initial Cash Back, contact Casino Secret’s Japanese support staff.
Please refer to here for how to withdraw.

Understand your initial cashback and enjoy Casino Secret more.

Casino Secret offers “Instant Cashback” and various benefits in addition to “Cashback of the first receipt”, so please check the official website and email frequently. Make the most of your cash back and bonus and enjoy!

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