2 Simple rule of Hand Casino Hold ’ em!


Casino Holdem.

Have you ever heard of it?

It’s a kind of so-called poker, and it’s a game made for playing poker with people in general.

If you’re familiar with casinos, this 2Hand Casino Hold ’em is a modified version of Casino Holdem.

[2What is the Hand Casino Hold ’em in the first place?]

In the first place, what does 2Hand mean?

Let’s start with the usual casino holdem.

Simply put, it’s a game in which two cards given to a player and five cards on the table make a stronger poker than a dealer.

2Hand Casino Hold’em features two cards, four cards in total, and you can play either or both.

You have two hands, so it’s 2Hand!

[2 Hand Casino Hold ’em flow and rules]

1: First, players bed in Ante. Let’s bet carefully because this bet will affect later.

2: When you go to bed, the player receives two cards. This is the feature of 2Hand. It is distributed in reverse.

3: From here, the same flow as Casino Holdem, but three cards facing outward are placed on the table.

4: From here, like regular poker, you decide whether to fold or call, but you can see with two hands.

You can also call or fold one side. If you don’t compete with the fold, the amount of money you put up will be confiscated.

When you call, you have to bet twice the amount of money you spent in bed in the first Ante.

5: If either hand decides to play the call, the dealer will also distribute two cards to the table.

6: Players and dealers make the best combination of five cards out of the two cards and five cards on the table.

If you are competing with both hands, please aim for the best role in each.

7: Players and dealers.


With this 2Hand Casino Hold’em, if you decide to compete with two hands, you will be competing with each other, so if you win with both hands, you will get double the dividend than if you win with the usual casino hold dem, so it’s a big difference!

Also, there are always two hands, so there are many choices, and I think there is double the usual speed and double the fun!

If you want to enjoy Casino Holdem more, try the 2Hand Casino Hold’em!

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