What kind of casino is Casino Secret?


You can easily find what kind of casino Casino Secret is!


Launched in December 2018 under license from Malta
カジノシークレット ライセンス

Check out Casino Secret’s license in real time here.


Casino Secret is licensed to operate by Casino Secret Ltd. of Malta.

The Maltese government license is said to be the strictest of all the online casino licenses.

The casino meets the standard, so you can play with ease.


Multi-Device Support




You can play with Casino Secret not only on your computer but also on your smartphone.

You can play casino games 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as long as you are within range of radio waves.



more than 2000 game selections

カジノシークレット ゲーム


Casino Secret has partnered with many game companies (game provider) so you can play more than 2,000 games.

Partners include Netent, PlaynGo, Yggdrasil, Playson, Quickspin, Thunderkick, Microgaming, Leander, PlaySon, No Limit City, Blueprint, Gamomat, Felix Gaming, and Evolution Gaming.

It’s like Nintendo, Square Enix, Sega and Konami in Japan.

Each game company offers different games, but I think it’s easier to understand if you think they are offered to the same casino.

This is the most popular game in Japan called Japan Top.


The Difference Between Casino Secret and Other Online Casinos


It is.

It’s a new casino where you can receive cash prizes and bonuses.

There are three main differences from other online casinos.

*Automatic cashback for quick withdrawals

*No disbursement terms

*Website for the Japanese market

In the case of other online casinos, there is a system called a bonus where money is returned.

However, the bonus has various conditions, and it takes a long time to be returned.

In the case of Casino Secret, if you lose the game, you can accumulate cash back without applying, and if you press one button, the accumulated amount of cash back will be changed to cash you can use in the game.

It’s built on a website that is easy for Japanese to use and you can operate it intuitively, so it’s very easy to understand and it’s not stressful to play games.


Founder of Casino Secret

The founding members of Casino Secret have experience in other online casinos and in the Japanese market before launching Casino Secret.


Why Casino Secret?

1)Bonuses with payment terms are not fair for repeat customers.

Therefore, we introduced a fair and equitable system, which was unlikely.

Example:For the usual 100% online casino deposit bonus

($70 + $70) x 42,000 x 10% = $30 BET

You will receive a cash back of $70, unconditional.

2) By giving back immediately, players can enjoy longer play.

Bonuses may take time to be returned or may require strict application conditions.

Casino Secret lets you play games without the stress.

3) New type of tournament


Just click the join button, and you can join the tournament, and the top 10 ~ 20 people can share the prize.


カジノシークレット トーナメント


In this game called Moon Princess (Moon Princess), it is a tournament where the top 20 players are divided into 2500 dollars.

Check the official website for the latest tournaments and leaderboards (latest ranking).

There are also tournaments limited to Japanese people, and there are no foreign players, so the chance to win the prize has suddenly increased.

Casino Secret Why Japan?

Because all founding members have experience in the Japanese market.

So it’s made up of games and an experienced Japanese team, and it’s not a translation of an overseas site.
It’s a website designed for Japan from the beginning, so it’s easy for Japanese to understand and use.


History of Casino Secret

Founded on July 1, 2017, the company officially opened Casino Secret in December 2018 after 16 months of licensing and product development.

The history is still short, but the participation rate of Japanese is very high because it is made for Japanese people.

The official website displays the latest information and tournaments, but you can check many Japanese names.


カジノシークレット 最新ウィナー トーナメント


Features of Casino Secret

The biggest feature of Casino Secret is that you can get real time cash back while playing for the first time in the industry. In addition, there is no payment condition at all, which is a return system that online casinos have never had before.


Cashback Part 1

When you lose the initial deposit, you can continue playing or withdraw by refunding half of the initial deposit immediately.


Cashback Part 2
今週のキャッシュバック 今週のキャッシュバック

Play valid games that are valid 45 or more from the 2nd deposit.
Every time you lose, you can refund a part of your bet amount and continue playing or withdraw immediately.

Casino Secret Tournament


カジノシークレット トーナメント

You can easily enter the casino secret tournament by clicking the join button.



four kinds of tournaments

The cash prize is added immediately after the end, and you can continue playing or withdraw money immediately.


Casino Secret customized per segment

*It changes depending on the banner display (Registered players, VIPs, etc.) for each cycle of the player.

*Tournaments are held for each player.

*There is a cashback upgrade to the VIP, so there is a difference in the cashback ratio between users who just signed up and users who play a lot.

Since its opening in December 2018, it has never been possible to play games except for maintenance, and the environment where you can play games safely is in place.


fun games for players

You can withdraw 50% (Up to $70) of your initial receipt at any time.

It seems that there are no bonus terms, so you can enjoy the game without the stress of having to bet more.

Even if you lose, a part of it is always returned as a cash back, so you can play games for a long time.


Enrichment of the game



It has more than 2,000 games and partners with more than 20 game companies.

We are also affiliated with three live dillers.

There are Microgaming live casino, Netent live casino, and Evolution Gaming live casino, so it is recommended for those who want to play casino online.

Of course, you can enjoy live casinos on your smartphone.


method of settlement


Receipt Method

Casino Secret’s deposits are mainly credit cards, Venus Points, ecoPayz and iwallet.



Withdrawal method

Casino Secret’s withdrawals are Venus Point, ecoPayz, iwallet, and bank transfer.



Easy 3 steps on your smartphone! Flow to the start of the game



2.Visit the site!

3.Choose your favorite game and start playing!

*If you apply from our website, you can get 50% (Max $70) of the initial deposit as cashback.

Register here

It takes only three steps to play at a secret casino.

I recommend this casino because it takes less time and you can register easily.


Japanese language support is enhanced.




Casino Secret provides customer support in Japanese.

Our staff, who have been supporting other online casinos for over 15 years, can answer and support a wide range of questions, from beginners to advanced users.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. Questions can be answered via chat or email.




運営元 Casino Secret LTD
ソフトウェア Netent, PlaynGo, Yggdrasil, Playson, Quickspin, Thunderkick, Microgaming, Leander, PlaySon, No Limit City, Blueprint, Gamomat, Felix Gaming, Evolution Gaming
ライセンス MGA
運営開始 2017/7/1
オススメ入金方法 ・(VISA)
・Venus Point
オススメ出金方法 ・Venus Point
カスタマーサポート support_jp@casinosecret.com
サポート対応時間 Monday to Friday (Malta is closed on public holidays.)
Mail 17: 00 -25: 00 (Japan Time)
Live Chat: -25: 00 17: 00 (Japan Time)
ボーナス Cashback of 50% (Max $70) of the initial receipt amount

Instant Cashback
When you play the game, even if you lose, part of your wager is automatically cashed back.


For those who want to play with Casino Secret, click here.